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La Poetessa – Leslie Cottle

"It is truly a rarity to find a photographer who has the uncanny ability and nature eye to capture a moment, the essence and the very soul of their subject. Having been a model and actress for many years, I have worked with countless photographers, yet none whom had the natural gift to see beyond the lens to capture the beauty and honesty within.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Nadine Track numerous times and am always amazed by the level of artistic, technical and creative genius she produces each time, not just within my own experience shooting with her but within her entire diverse body of work. She sees what the naked eye may often over-look and emphasizes the beauty, raw emotion and honesty in a way that always leaves me in awe. There is a dramatic and surreal quality, almost as if it were brought to life on canvas. Yet there is the perfect amount of truth and realism which allows you to feel and experience the moment she has so perfectly captured through her lens.

Her latest work, I feel is her best work yet. Each photo is a unique glimpse into the present culture. The photos are provocative, raw, spiritual, dream-like with just enough realism to remind you that these masterpieces were taken with a camera and not a paint brush. Each photo is textured with just the right amount of layers, nuances and light that draw you in to the world she has so masterfully created with her natural gift".

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